Extreme Frustration, plz help!

I’m really frustrated because I spent about 4 hours trying to solve a problem that appears to be SO SIMPLE! But i can’t do it. I’ve tried everything.

I have attached a copy of the flash file at the bottom of this post… You can view it with flash mx 2004. Anyway, it’s a rough “map” of my school campus with various buildings.

I made a “school” movieclip and inside it I put the various buildings (movieclips)… I designed a set of functions to make it scroll around and a tooltip to appear once I roll-over each of the buildings.

So I wanted to make it so that it zooms onto the desired building once I click on it… but I’m having problems with setting the _x and _y coordinates of the “school” movieclip so that the building which in this case is called “isc” is in the center of the page.

I only applied the function to the isc building to test it out… It starts when you see this code:

 delete moveTooltip.onEnterFrame
 delete school.onEnterFrame
 var gx=school._x
 var gy=school._y
 var six=school.isc._x
 var siy=school.isc._y

The more I think about this problem… The worse I get. So I’ll leave it to people who have a fresh mind and can figure it out. Coz, I’m just digging my own grave from here. I just don’t see what I’m doing wrong.