? Eye following (looking at) mouse cursor?


I can’t seem to solve this one at all:
I’ve made an image with an eye in photoshop which I’d like to use as an “enter page” on my band’s website.
It would be pretty cool if the eye would look at the mouse cursor all the time, so it should follow the direction when you move the mouse.
I was thinking that using two image layers could be the base of animating this: one layer for the eyeball itself which can move behind the “skin” in the larger image. If i move the eyeball layer behind the skin layer in photoshop, it looks ok.

The problem is that I don’t have a clue about how to do this in Flash (I use Flash 5) Could anyone help me out about this?

PS: can I save the skin layer as a file with transparency that can be used in Flash? I guess this is essential to be able to see the lower eyeball layer…