F MX2004, problem loading Vars Into Dynamic Text

hello, i will give a brief description of the structure of my clips.

i have an swf called movie1, on the main stage of movie1 i have a mc that is named xpos, inside xpos i have a dynamic text box and it’s value is asigned to the Var=clipX.

to get the value of clipX i used this code in the actions of xpos like this:

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
 clipX = (_root.object._x);

everything is fine and it works when i play movie1

but when i use movie2 to load movie1


the mc xpos appears to be “undefined”

i know its because when movie1 is loaded into movie2 the path used to define the Var clipX has changed, but i already tried this

onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
 clipX = (_root.content.movie1.object._x);

and that is supposed to Not work on movie1 but is supposedly supposed to work for movie2. But my supposed code is not working either way. So, I am totally lost right now.

this.n.needs.help.and._hints =/ “true”

Thanks in Advance.