[F5]ARG! Scrolling menu! Guru help

ok here’s my prob:

i want to make one of those menu’s that when you rollOver it moves to left or right depending on the position of the mouse. for an example of what i mean look at lostinbeta’s footer. i want it kinda like that except it should keep scrolling, if you know what i mean. i’m sure you’ve all seen one before, so if you guys have any ideas, that would be awesome!

you will need to test the position of the mouse using. clip._xmouse. then move the clip menu accordingly.

for example, add this to the movieclips enterFrame event to continuously check the mouse position.

if(this._xmouse > 200) this._x+=2;
if(this._xmouse < 175) this._x-=2;

so when the mouse is in the upper 200 pixels of the clip, the clip will move 2 pixels per frame to the right. is in the lower 175 pixels of the movieclip, the clip will move to the left.

also, if you dont want the clip to keep scrolling off the screen you would need to put.

//move to the right
if((this._xmouse > 200) && (this._x < 210)) this._x-=2;
if((this._xmouse < 175) && (this._x+this._width) > 160)) this._x+=2;

the && means AND

where you see those symbols, its supposed to be “0” followed by “)”

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