[F8]AS2.0 dynamically load jpg into MovieClip and apply class instance

I’m working on a photo-sharing demo using AS2.0, and I have a question that I would very much appreciate help with. I would like to dynamically load photos (stored as jpgs in the .fla’s local directory) into MovieClips, and apply a class instance to them. Currently, for debugging, I’ve imported jpgs to the Stage, converted them to MovieClips, and then accessed their linkage properties, setting them to the class I need them to implement. But for the final application all of this will have to be done with code.

I know how to dynamically load the jpg into a MovieClip using loadImage(), and I know how to create a MovieClip that is an instance of a class by using attachMovie() with a library symbol and the class name. How do I combine the two? Is there a way to access the linkage properties of a MovieClip dynamically?