[F8 AS2] another sendAndLoad?

This site rocks and has been a huge help. Thanks! I am really stuck. I have searched everwhere and finally needed to post.

I have a sendAndLoad that sends to a remote PHP then receives a response. It works perfectly when I ‘preview’ within flash. The traces all the parameters sent and recieved and it all looks good in ‘preview’. If open the swf or html locally or remotely, it seems to do nothing. I used a getURL() for the remote PHP and a new window opened and the response is correct. Do I need to delay the send and load? separate the send and load variables? Is there a security setting I may have overlooked?

This is driving me crazY!?! suggestions.

here is the script i am using:

var payment:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
this.submit_btn.onPress = function() {
    some_txt.text = "sending...please wait";
    payment["username"] = "username";
    payment["password"] = "password";
    payment["total"] = "50";
    payment.sendAndLoad(https://secure.remotewebsite.com/some.php, payment, "POST");
    payment.onLoad = function(){
        if (payment["result"] == 1) {
            some_txt.text = "received";
        } else {
            some_txt.text = "sending...please wait";