[f8-AS2]function to disable group of buttons placed together in MC

hi friends of Kirupa great forum :]

i am working on small project where i find my self stopping at this rate

Mmm… this project is dealing with buttons placed in MC name = main.ButtonC

on the main i am programing those buttons as if

_root.main.ButtonC.b5.onRollOver = function() {
        captionFN(true, "description", this);
        this.onRollOut = function() {
        this.onRelease = function() {
            setProperty(_root.main.darkMC, _visible, "100");
            showing = false;

b5 is one of my buttons, and i am using caption, from Kirupa Tutorial “i guess :)”

what i want to do … is to make all those buttons inside that “ButtonC” MC to be disabled and enabled as i requist

i wrote this function under those long button controlls that i made

// sbState = show Button State [true or false]
BshowFN = function (sbState) {
    if (sbState) {
        this.ButtonC._visible = true;
    if (sbState != true){
        this.ButtonC._visible = false;

as example
when i use it ,
inside …


the one shown before … i am not getting any results

so any one did understand me and can help in this … even if i have to change that last FN i worte :{