[F8 AS2] loading Dynamically generated XML?

ok, here’s the deal. We are creating an ecard that will be customized by the sender, and sent to soldiers in Iraq. There are about 5 different things that the sender can customize, as well as write a message. The goal is to have their choices sent to a database and then inserting those variables when the receiver watches the movie.

Now, instead of creating possibly thousands of XML files (one for each sender), we decided it would be better to just generate the XML on the fly from the info in the db. But my question is, how do I handle loading that XML? Since this won’t just be a static page on the server, I’m not sure how to go about it. I’m wondering if you can use variables when loading XML, for example:


Basically, how can i create an XML file on the fly with the values from the DB, that can then be loaded into Flash?

I have virtually no experience with db’s, so this is the method I came up with because I do have some experience with XML. I have a developer who will actually insert the values into the database with ColdFusion, and he can also generate the XML, I just need to be able to load the dynamic XML in flash when the receiver watches the card.

If anyone has any ideas on this, or alternate solutions, I’d love to hear em. Thanks…