[F8 AS2] spacing objects evenly?

I’ve been working on this for over 3 hours and it is about to drive me crazy! I was one of those people who never paid attention to math in high school because i thought i would never use it ( i knew i wanted to be an artist/designer of some sort). But now of course, that attitude is coming back to haunt me.

I’m using a for loop to place several objects on stage. I need a formula that will space objects along the x axis evenly, and center all the objects on the stage. Kinda like if you use the align panel in flash to distibute the vertical centers of several objects to the stage, if that makes sense. If there is only one item, it should be directly in the center of the stage. If there are 2, it should place them in the center of the 2 halves of the stage, and so on for howeve many objects there are. I also want a buffer of about 25 pixels on either edge of the stage so that no object is ever on the very edge of the stage. I made a simple diagram to illustrate:

if some math wiz could help me, I would certainly appreciate it…