[F8] userList and SspectatorList problem

Is anyone using electroserver or might have an idea of why this is happening in a game where you can send private messages by clicking on the userList but not when you click on the spectatorList?
I don’t know much actionscript, but I thought it was just a matter of setting a listener…
both lists are on the same timeline and they are both populated, but the spectatorListBox users don’t pop up the message clip.
I have both a user and a spectator list in my game where I can send privaate messages to the user listBox users, but not to the spectator listbox users. Can anyone help me with this? I have looked thorugh the code over and over and have no idea of what else to try.
I thought this code would be enough to get it to work?
spectatorListBox.dataProvider = spectatorList;
var spectatorClickListenerObject:Object = new Object();
spectatorClickListenerObject.change = function(eventObject) {
var user:Object = eventObject.target.value;
if (es.getUser().attributes.Moderator) {
showPopUp(“moderator”, user);
} else {
showPopUp(“private”, user);
spectatorListBox.addEventListener(“change”, spectatorClickListenerObject);
this is the userList clickListener:
var userClickListenerObject:Object = new Object();
userClickListenerObject.change = function(eventObject) {
var user:Object = eventObject.target.value;
if (es.getUser().attributes.Moderator) {
showPopUp(“moderator”, user);
} else {
showPopUp(“private”, user);
userListBox.addEventListener(“change”, userClickListenerObject);
and this is the show users function where the two lists are created:
function showUsers(userList, type, name) {
if (type == “userleft” && name == opponent) {
//get the user list
var userlist = es.getUserList();
//We will be building a player list and a spectator list.
playerList = new Array();
spectatorList = new Array();
//Max players allowed in this game
maxPlayers = es.getRoom().Description.attributes.numPlayers;
allowSpectators = es.getRoom().Description.attributes.allowSpectators;
//Your assigned number, if you have one
myNum = es.getUser().AssignedNumber.value;
var highestNum:Number = 0;
for (var i = 0; i<userlist.length; ++i) {
var user:Object = userlist*;
//The user’s assigned number
var num:Number = user.AssignedNumber.value;
if (num>=0 && num != undefined && num != null && num<maxPlayers) {
//Add them to the player list
if (num>highestNum) {
highestNum = num;
user.gamePlayer = true;
} else {
//Add them to the spectator list
user.gamePlayer = false;
//Populate the on-screen list boxes
if (playerList.length == maxPlayers && myNum == 0) {
//If everyone is here and you are player 0 (i.e., the game master), then tell everyone to start the process
} else if (playerList.length == maxPlayers && myNum == 1) {
} else if (playerList.length == maxPlayers) {
if (!es.getUser().gamePlayer && es.getUser().AssignedNumber.value>=maxPlayers) {
//This happens when you click to join as a player but someone else just barely beats you to it to fill out he game
//This user should be informed and given the option to watch or leave
if (!allowSpectators) {
//They don’t allow spectators. You tried to join as a player but the game was full
if (es.getRoom().Description.attributes.playersArrived != highestNum+1 && es.getUser().isGameMaster) {
//+1 because the numbering starts from 0
function showBothListBoxes() {
spectatorListBox.dataProvider = spectatorList;