F8 Verbage external to FLV on frame1 & at end of video

I have successfully created a mock of the FLVPlayback component on frame1 with a button that advances to frame 2 where the FLV actually starts playing. This allows me to use still image MCs and copy that prevents an FLV that is not on autoplay from looking like a blank black screen.

I would also like to have messaging at the end of the video encouraging actions such as attending an event or calling or clicking. Often this would include still images and or a logo. I tried putting the instance of the FLVPlayback in an MC called mcVideo with an extra frame on that MCs timeline that displays the ending art and action copy. But no matter what I try I see nothing but a stopped video at the end of my Flash movie. I keep thinking that after the nested video MC plays if I could only get the timeline to advance to one more frame I could do this. Am I going to have to create a cue point and then have it go to the frame that displays the ending copy?

Can I create a cue point in an FLV afte it has been encoded?