F8000 - A top down wipeout racing game

ive been working on a top down racing game based on Wip3out using a simple engine i found here http://www.markfennell.com/flash/skidwrx/using.php (it has the source there too)

so far ive got the loading screen, help screen, some sound effects, ship graphics, and engine trails all done but it needs alot more work

id just like some thoughts about how its going and if the craft handling is ok at the moment but ive got a couple of questions too[LIST=1]
[] as far as i know the “car” is a movie clip with all the code in it etc, how can i implement a menu where depending on what the user selects, a different “car” clip is used (or should i just “go to and stop” and duplicate the whole thing with a different car on another frame?
] the trails are drawn on the fly setting the color, can you set the alpha of them too?
[] how would i best go about having an AI craft in there as well
] and lastly how can i play an engine sound where the volume is dependent on the current velocity[/LIST]thanks guys :slight_smile:

you can have a bash at the WIP here

and heres a couple of screenshots
[URL=“http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=loadcompleteof3.png”] [URL=“http://img292.imageshack.us/my.php?image=airbrakingzz8.png”]

just been working on the HUD, heres a couple of shots of that