Facebook & Twitter feeds in flash as2 as3

Hey, Im making a social flash file. like a comand window for my selected feeds

I have downloaded a weather xml display scirpt and a regular xml reader to create a news-screen setup.
But Im not known with the true potential of flash and as3.

And now I want to make a new flash file to display the 5 latest twitters and 5 latest facebooks in a swf file. Would love a instagram to.

Could someone make a sample file of this, or link me to one, so I can dive into it without starting to learn the basics of as2 / as3. Because I am no scripter.

Any help would be appreciated. And does anyone know of other cool stuff to display in the same manner?

Also, if anyone would write me this script, I can pay with bitcoins

Hello, If you are looking for script, please let me know all your requirement, we are professional WordPress developer and will happy to help you

Basic, no extras. Just a script to display 5 latest feeds from a twitter feed.
Same with instagram and facebook

Must I asume this is not possible? anyone?