Fade component button call?

how would i cal this compnent that fade an object?

The component alows you to drag it onto an object and set the fade in or out interval length but i want to trigger it by either entering a frame or clicking on a button.

i am attatching the fla with the 2 buttons but i can not figure out how to call the component on press and have it execute the fade action. i figure if i put 2 of the fade compnents on the stage and have one with fadein properties and one with fade out properties i just need to make cales to them from a button or apon enleying a frame so i could resuse the same fade for all mc’s.

Can someone give me a hand and tell me what i am doing wrong or if i am just way off. :slight_smile:


please can some one help me?! :stuck_out_tongue:

its midnite, u gotta wait man.