Fade in a jpg?

Anyone know how to fade in a high-quality jpeg graphic?

stick the pic in a movie clip, put this movie clip on the main stage, right click it, Actions, and insert this code:


this is very basic, so play with it a lil.

alternatively, you can have it motion tween:

put the same movie clip on the first frame, select the last frame you want it to fade, F6, select the MC in this frame, and set its alpha to 0.

just a little clarification … it’s more often written like this:


does --this._alpha; work thoriphes?

it means decrease the * _alpha* value of * this* (whatever the code is in) by one. if you want a quicker fade, try this:


that means decrease by 5. it’s called an assignment variable and avoids having to write code like:

x = x+3; instead just write: x+=3;

other similiar operators include ++ (works like --), *= , /= .

using code to manage your fades and movement is a great way to reduce file sizes.