Fade in images with XML slideshow

does anyone know the script to fade in each image and possibly put a preloader as well? for this slideshow


Welcom to kirupa!

There’s another sample file in the “samples” folder in Flash
called load_images.fla that has fade in.

hey inflicted, thanks for the response- old to kirupa-new to forum-thanks

I need to put the fade into this XML script on the buttons- I couldn’t figure out how to apply the “load_images” script-- it kind of flickered my 1st image after fading
here is the actual script:

images_xml = new XML();
images_xml.onLoad = startImageViewer;
images_xml.ignoreWhite = true;

// Show the first image and intialize variables
function startImageViewer(success) {
if (success == true) {
rootNode = images_xml.firstChild;
// ‘totalImages’ is the variable name set to correspond with the the dynamic text instance of 'totalImages’
totalImages = rootNode.childNodes.length;
// [ totalImages = rootNode.childNodes.length; ] gets the total number of childNodes (total number of image and text files) in your .xml document
firstImageNode = rootNode.firstChild;
currentImageNode = firstImageNode;
// ‘currentIndex’ is the variable name set to correspond with the dynamic text instance of 'currentIndex’
currentIndex = 1;
// [ currentIndex = 1; ] sets the viewer to play the first childNode (first image and text file) in your .xml document
// Updates the current image with new image and text
function updateImage(newImageNode) {
// ‘imagePath’ is the variable name set to correspond with the .jpeg file name located in your .xml document
imagePath = newImageNode.attributes.jpegURL;
// ‘imageText’ is the variable name for the instance 'textArea’
imageText = newImageNode.firstChild.nodeValue;
// ‘targetClip’ is the instance name for the movie clip ‘imageArea’, this is where all your image files from your .xml document are loaded

next_btn.onRelease = function() {
nextImageNode = currentImageNode.nextSibling;
if (nextImageNode == null) {
} else {
currentImageNode = nextImageNode;
// Event handler for ‘Previous image’ button
back_btn.onRelease = function() {
previousImageNode = currentImageNode.previousSibling;
if (previousImageNode == null) {
} else {
currentImageNode = previousImageNode;
i really appreciate any suggestions

Fixed it:

hope it’s what you want.

that is it exactly- thanks so much