“Fade” on the color of the background

Hello to all

I would wish your assistance.
I wanted to know if it were possible to simply make an “Fade” effect of the white to the black in actionscript concerning the color of the background. Without utilizing the least symbol in the scene.

Is what that is a beginning of answer?
fullScreenBackgroundColor property

fullScreenBackgroundColor: uint [read-write]

Version of the language: ActionScript 3.0
Version of the reader: Flash Player

Color of background used in mode of filling full screen. This color is visible when it video the whole of the screen does not cover, in accordance with the value of the property scaleMode.

The default value is 0x000000.

public function get fullScreenBackgroundColor (): uint
public function set fullScreenBackgroundColor (been worth: uint): void[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Thank you in advance if you can help me by your knowledge.