Fade volume on frame

Having trouble figuring out how to make the audio automatically fade once it reaches a certain point in the flash movie.

The audio is loaded as an MP3 using…

mySound = new Sound();


you could do one of two things

  1. edit the sound file itself so you can make it taper off into silence exactly how you want it to … i would recommend this because it’s the easiest

  2. put a controller variable to lower the volume of the movie … but i am pretty sure the volume variable in flash will apply globally to the movie … i.e. you won’t hear your other sounds (if you have any) either.

All other sounds would be finished so I’d be interested to know about the second option.

Found the answer, but in case anyone else wondered how it turned out…

Towards the end of the flash movie, I added the following about every 10 frames:

mySound.setVolume(80 )

mySound.setVolume(60 )

mySound.setVolume(40 )

mySound.setVolume(20 )

mySound.setVolume(0 )

The normal volume being 100, it fades the sound in about 4 - 5 seconds, or 50 frames.

i wonder Would this work?? no time to check now, sorry.

onClipEvent (load) {
i = 100;

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
sonido = new Sound();

if u tell me it works, i will think i had my moment of inspiration today:P :stuck_out_tongue: