hi! i was analyzing the sample file (load_images.fla) delivered with flash MX… and i just cannot find out, wether fadeIn, fadeOut is a custom made method (it’s not defined within the code) or wether it’s a predefined method from flash actionscript…
could anybody help me on that problem?

how do u mean u want sumthing to fade in or what if that what u want u can just put alpha on it and insert akeyframe a few down and change i back and tween it or ifond a cool set of effects on themacromedia exchnge site sorry about my typing by the waymy keyboard is screwed

it is a custom function

you can define the function in a thousand different ways, but it can look like this:




in a button, you could say



Albeit, this is a moronic example of using a function, but hopefully you get the meaning…

thanx a lot for this helpful answer.
meanwhile, david replied in the actionscript forum to the more detailed question i posted there…

the code in which fadeOut and fadeIn appear is the following:

if (whichPic<5 && !fadeIn && !fadeOut) {…}

and david told me, that they are boolean variables…
sounds reasonable to me, and after knowing that, it’s not so hard to understand… it’s got nothing (direct) to do with the visual fading effect…

or has it?

thanx to all of you.
greetz, instantjesus