Fading between Frames

So im making a website, Im still quite new to flash but im getting past the basics. Each page is on a different frame. Right now I have the basic code to link frames,

on (release) {


Would it be possible to use more action script to fade between the frame im going from to the one its linked to? With like 1 second of fade?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

considering each page is on a different frame you could just add more frames between each page

That is a plan, but is there not actionscript that will fade? as it will keep it a lot neater and a smaller file size,


The way to do it in actionscript is to make everything on the stage a movieclip and then create a loop to change the _alpha property of the clip.

You’d then have to set up a conditional so that when the _alpha property == 0 you’d goTo the specific frame.

Having said that I don’t think you’d be able to fade from one to another because the clips are on different frames. To fade one clip out as another clip fades in they need to be on the same frame.