Fading Grid & Preloaders Nightmare!

Hello All,

Firstly I want to say what a great forum this is and what a brilliant help it has been in aiding me to learn ActionScript and Flash MX… doffs his hat

However, I am having a complete nightmare with an effect using the Fading Grid tutorial and preloading…

The functionality I require is this…

When BaseMovie.swf is loaded it preloads a number of fading grid .swf movies, a loading animation movie which hides the loading fadinggrids swf’s.

Once all the fading grid swf movies have been loaded, the loading animation calls an end animation routine and is unloaded revealing the top most fadinggrid movie.

The first fading grid movie is then played, followed by the second and so on…

The fading grid movies combined makes the images change between each movie in different ways…

So far I have been using fading grid tutorial by Voetsjoeba to produce the grid swf’s and a sequential preloader from ActionScript.org to carry out the preloading.

This worked fine up until the point when I want to start the fading process. I can’t seem to call the fadeOut or fadeIn functions from the BaseMovie.swf.

The code I have is:

APause = setInterval(GoBack, 2300);
function GoBack () {
clearInterval (APause);


Any help or guidance or even if someone has something similar will be greatly appreciated as I have spent days trying to work this out and have run out of possible solutions.

Thanks in advance!!!
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