Fading in an object

Hey Guys,

I found one code in this forum, and what this code does it moves an object to a specified _x _y coordinates, now i want to achieve the same thing but my object will be invisible and slowly fade in as it will ease at the final point. Here is the code:

MovieClip.prototype.ease = function(x,y){
this.onEnterFrame = function(){
this._x = x-(x-this._x)/1.1;
this._y = y-(y-this._y)/1.1
if(this._x > x-1 && this._x < x+1 && this._y > y-1 && this._y < y+1){
this._x = x;
this._y = y;
delete this.onEnterFrame
//do other stuff here, this is the point at which the object reaches its target

i tried to add _visisble = false; at the beginning and _visible - true; at the end but it doesn’t really fade in smoothly, instead its just jumps from invisible point to visible without fading in.