Fading in/out of backgrounds

Im SURE I am not doing this right because the movie does not play…im trying to have 5 backgrounds fade in as the previous one fades out…I have 1 scene with 5 layers (each with a movie clip action on the first key frame) after i turned each one of the backgrounds into a graphic where I was able to play with the alpha of each. When i try to play the movie it only plays the first layer…i dont know how to get all of the layers to play…plz help!

Do I need to reword what I did…im not sure if Im not getting a reply because noone knows what the heck i did? thks

What actionscript U used?
Simplest way, no scripting: tween your bg’s, and towards the end of the 1st one, insert the 1st frame of the 2nd one on another layer and so on…like:
…----layer 4
…---- layer 3
…---- layer 2
— layer 1
(dots are empty frames, ezboard removes blanks…)

Thanks a lot!