Falling piece of paper with Flash MX


Do you know where I can find a tutorial on creating a falling piece of paper effect in Flash MX?


the drawn out version goes a little like…what about a tutorial on how to make coffee with 1 sugar and exactly 8mm of froth on top, in a frosted latte glass on a saucer which has “cows make milk” written on it with the machine I have in my kitchen, I am not sure of the model, yet I have seen operating at someone elses house? Oh and it’s GOT to be a tute for Flash MX.

In short…NO


You slept on the left side or something? :wink:
As for you question about the piece of papr jjm… Look around a little for tutorials about motion in Flash. But I would suggest you draw it yourself with motion teweening and add some ease tothe movement