Falling Snow tutorial - amending

Hi !
I used Kirupa’s excellent falling snow titorial, but cannot figure out one thing :
I want the falling snow to work within a masked area ( imagine a snowglobe , and the snow only inside it ) .
Whatever I seem to do , it insists on snowing everywhere :slight_smile: .

second issue - I inserted the falling snow at frame x in my movie, as thats when i want it to start ‘snowing’ in my snowglobe.
It works fine at first viewing , the snow kicks in on cue.
But i hit the ‘replay’ button my movie , the snow starts at the beginning of the scene , not at the frame i specified .

Any solutions ?
Ciao, wonkat

well, in the actionscript, you set the parameters for the size of the movie, so flash is going to play the movie on the rectangular screen no matter what. did you say you tried placing a mask over the snow? and it didnt work? im gonna go home and see if i can figure it out.

thanks! id be happy to email you the flash file if you like ? ive tried placing the layer with the snowfall within a mask , but no luck. still insists on snowing EVERYWHERE :).

oh one more thing - you can view the finished thingie at http://uk.geocities.com/venk8/seasonsgreetings03.htm

If you “make” the snow in an extra mc, you can use setMask. Then you can, if you hit “replay” set this mc’s visibility false and where you want it, set it true.


Hi Scotty : Thanks a million , but Im no closer to figuring things out . The truth is I dont know anyt Action Scripting at all. So I bravely tried to understand your fla ( did not ) and then tried to modify it to suit my flim (didnt work ).
I didnt understand what the button on your file did , as it seemed to be just there for me to modify , but I dont know how .
When I made the round globe , i made it as a normal layer , in your file , but it just showed as a layer not as a mask , and the snow kept falling all over :).
I did understand a bit of your explanation above - the bit that says if you hit replay . The rest is , frustratingly , beyond me .
Thanks for your help anyway , your file works EXACTLY the way i wish mine did !
Newbies - arent we sad :(.
If you do have a mo , could you give me a few more pointers or explanation ? If not, dont worry , ill just go crazy with it snowing everywhere.
once more , thanks !

Scotty - I did it :). weird exhilirated feeling etc . I just sat down with your file and very simply amended it to suit my movie .
Do see the updated one - snow only in snowglobe !
thanks again !
ciao, wonkat

Good work, wonkat:thumb:
I just sat down to write you an explanation, but it’s so much better if you find out yourself!!
btw the button was there just to test something, it had nothing to do with the rest.


this question has been asked at least 100 times

we need to explain to the new users here at kirupa, that the search button will answer just about any qyestion they could have.

btw… welcome to the forums

Digitalphilosophy, i can understand your point and agree that most of the answers on your questions can be found by using the search button.
But I think you’re overreacting a little.
I just ran a search and it gave 14 results and yes the answer was also there (could have saved me some time if I had searched first;) ), but I think if people come here for the first time with their questions you can help them.


btw welcome to forums, wonkat;)

your right scotty maybe i did over react a bit. however, if we don’t advise new kirupa members to utilize the search engine(which is fabulous by the way) we will continue to see questions asked over and over, thus making other kirupa members loose interest in the flash mx forums(like myself)

i went ahead and edited my original post, becasue i don’t want to give kirupa forums a bad impression or anything but i am going to address this problem to others, and i think the search button should be pushed a bit more then it is.

Digi, like I said, I agree with you. I also see a lot of threads where the answers easily could be found with the search button.
Maybe it’s an idea if you start a new thread, you first come in the “searchfield” :wink: