Falling snow with fading text - help


Falling snow tutorial.

The snow does work fine with out a fading text.

But when I added a fading text effect to the movie, the snow is not falling smoothly. When the movie play back in the first frame, the snow is falling at other direction. You will see the snow does not falling Continuing in the movie. Here is the “swf” files.


Could someone please tell me how to make it works? Thanks.


Can someone tell me which frame or layer I should add this stop Action script to it? So the snow can be falling continuing smoothly without any re-intializing. Thanks.

Yep just ad stop(); and make the fadin text a movie. if you want it to go continusly. else just make it go stop on the end of the animation.

I’ve attached a .fla of what i think you are trying to do with
a movie clip (in a movie clip) text.
double click the movie clip, then double click the movie clip in that, and then you can edit the text by selecting it with the text tool or double clicking with the selection tool.
This .fla is just the finished source from the tutorial, with a text movie clip added. Hope this is what you wanted.
I didn’t match the text style, i couldn’t be stuffed seeing if I had it or not, cause i have thousands. apart from that, here it is.