Fashion/Clothing Design?

Does anyone know anything about the process of getting garmets and shoes designed and made??

I think that would be pretty cool to get involved in and would be a natural exstension of the talents alot of the artist have on this forum.

How are shirts printed and any links to web companys you’ve worked with, screenprinting is straight forward but what about if you want embroidery any compmays you’ve worked with or exsperinces??

Really just talk about anything you know about clothing design and manufacturing, I wanna hear what some of yall have done and what you know

THnks always

I am in the process of doing some design work for a clothing company. As far as printing that is pretty much straight forward, and kinda similar to paper print. I have done some work with nu-fit and tru-fit on a couple of hats I have designed. I am fortunate that there is a garment showcase in my area 2 times a year called “The Magic Show” . I will definately be at the next few of these.

What I would be interested to learn more about is the actual designing of the garments the patterns and cuts and stuff. Since this contract may require me to do so. Like designing athletic apparrel (jerseys and shorts and stuff).

yes thats exactly the kind of thing i was talking about, making designs and then transfering them to patterns…good link as well

Garmet design is actual very resticting. There are a lot of things that you can do on offset and the screen, that you can’t do on screenprint. Embroidery is even worse than screenprint. I say this from personal experience, as I work for Reebok and do graphic design for them. Although I work mostly w/ offset and screen. I do screenprint and embroidery as well. We have to take a lot of this stupid crap into consideration. One of the biggest problems w/ the transition is colors, some colors and color usages you can’t seperate easily :(.

Magic show is really cool to go to, we are at everyone. You see all types of ppl from the industry. Last year and this year the biggest trends have been “hip hop” clothing. It’s always interesting to see who is on top and who isn’t.

could you be more specific on the difficulties of embroidery, and do you know of any companys that I can go to, to get some designs embroidered profesionally

Well what I meant by embroidery being worse, is how it limits you more. Most stuff has to be simplified, strokes have to be exagerated, it’s much more expensive, just things like that. There’s just much more to be taken into consideration when tryin to convert from screen to embroidery.

I can check around and see if anyone knows of a reputable company to do it, all of ours is in house so I dunno right off hand of any good ones. But I’ll see what I can come up w/

thanks simplistik. I guess I am too much of a new booty to the game. Any insight you give could greatly help me on the project as I am learning as I go (mistakes and all). These guys out in Los Angeles do the screenprinting and I have not run into any no-no’s yet. They have pretty much delivered on everything I have sent them. But yes the embroidery thing is a b!tch. Although the guys at Nu-Fit have designers so they usually correct my mistakes.

Machuse, I do have contact that I can give you the number, I’ll PM you the info with in the next day or so, our top embroidery person here highly recommends this person, so I would assume that’s she’s real good as well.

DDD, I don’t know all the technical stuff but if you ever have any questions you know how to get a hold of me :)… Also are you using my templates for your garmets and headwear? Are they working out nicely?

i havent got the pm yet

but thanks so much for the help simplitik

yea I use them to show comps and such. I have since made a few others. But this clients has hinted at actually designing the cuts and stuff. Which i have no experience, but will either contract out or pass by. But I wouldlove to learn it just in case.