Favorite Artist/Painter

Who is your favorite Artist/Painter?
I’m talking real deal old fashioned medium artist/painter.
(non computer)
And post up a picture of their work if you can and perhaps tell us why. :slight_smile:

René Magritte

I’ve just always liked his work. I’m not such a huge surrealist fan, but some of his portrait works seem really intense.

HR Giger, the guy who designed the alien in the film of the same name. :slight_smile: His work is just so… striking.

i would have to go marc chagall, just his use of line and colour, has me fixated !!! :slight_smile:

favourite piece:
Marc Chagall - Adam and Eve


there are many good painter.

btw.: hope you all know this guy
the coke is just amazing

I’m fond of M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, Ron English and [url=http://www.earlmcgrathgallery.com/galleryartists/ryden/]Mark Ryden, with [url=http://www.youdie.com/pages/1/index.htm]Adrian Lee earning an honorable mention…

Favorite has got to be Alex Grey ( http://www.alexgrey.com ):

Van Gogh, Escher, Kinkade - for a few.

Salvador Dali and Monet, I was never a fan of impressionist art until I saw Monet’s work at the Musee d’Orsay:

Houses of Parliament,London,1905

[EDIT]HR Giger is cool too, I’ve a friend who makes models from plaster of paris based around his work[/EDIT]

Giger and the unknown Cave artists.

Forgot one, American Indian work as well.

Kind of reminds me of the movie seven or something similar and disturbing.

Salvador Dali

…Escher, Monet, Picasso, and a few others :slight_smile:

hey K-man?? what gives?? that is not a Dali painting…

Dali’s watches are melted… :stuck_out_tongue:

Gah - you are right! Fixing picture.


<<< :!: :thumb:

…and Dali, Van Gogh, bit Monet…

Ow, and Magritte coz he’s BELGIAN! :party:

El - I really like how Kandinsky used the words GardenWeb in your first picture [size=1](which, since it is hot-linked, displays a small shrub with GardenWeb written on it :P)[/size]

MC Escher all the way!

I think Funeral For A Friend (welsh emo band) like him too. Check it out:

MC Escher… gots to be


he did all of the calculations in his head

his symmetry was done freehand

The dude was awesome thats why!


Craig Mullins. He’s got one hell of a knack for lighting. I’m not really into the crazy crap like Alex Gray or Giger…

John Miller - very minimalist pictures but have a purity and tranquility about the colours.