Feed my addiction

I just canceled my subscription to World of Warcraft, I just couldn’t get into it. I had 2 lvl 46’s, 34, etc but it just wasnt that fun. I’m looking for any game recommendations, one’s that are really fun/addictive. Preferably online. My favorite online games of all time are Diablo 2, Final Fantasy 11, and Warcraft 3 ROC/TFT in that order. Any suggestions from you fellow gamers? :slight_smile: For now, imma go play WC3. :red:

Planetside a ton of my friends play it (and my bro). If you like the shooting type and have a fast computer you may like it (they are doing some nice updates recently to a ton of things).

lol. I quit playing WOW at lvl 46 too.

CS:Source and Gunz Online (both shooting) :stuck_out_tongue:

^I thought they stoped updating Gunz… or did they start again?

Stop playing games, and start coding. It can be as much fun if you find a language you love, and much more productive. :smiley:

[whisper]Or Super Mario Brothers ;)[/whisper]

I do code. Or have coded :slight_smile: Started with VB > Java > tiny bit of C++/c# > now to AS (my favorite so far) :party:

i second the CS:Source notion

i third it:thumb:
CS is still one of the best games ever…
Or try waarcraft…if you have battle.net:slight_smile:

I play wc3 a lot. :slight_smile:

Games are just a waste of time. You could be learning stuff that will earn you a lot of money. Yes Im a hypocrit:P I don’t currently play games though.

[ot]^SlowRoasted I use to think the same exact thing, but then found out vija games are just too much fun. Although when the whole point to get up and work in the morning is to upgrade your computer to play these games then theres a problem… but then again DX 10 is so close so it doesnt matter.

//yes i trick myself with time to think things are closer when they are actually… 6 months or more away.[/ot]

America’s Army… Much better than CS!

EDIT: Is CS still Counter Strike?

What are vija games?

Theres always guild wars :smiley: Ive heard it referred to as a 3D diablo 2, i havent had the money to spend on video games recently, so i bought guild wars and its held its value for me, always something to do :smiley:

You could try some of the MMOs that came out at the same time as WoW or even earlier… Anarchy Online, City of Heroes, City of Villians, Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy 11, etc… you get my point. IMO, Ive played SWG and COH, and COV. CoH was the most fun I’ve had from an MMO. But in my experience they take way tooo much time from your life. So I suggest CS:S and some of their kick *** Mods (Dystopia, Empires, DoD)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Now would be to jump onto Guild Wars- you can get the sequel to it, Guild Wars: Factions, without needing the original (ie. it’s not an expansion). Releases in a week!


I also gave up wow… i went to COV…
not bad, not better, different… cov is like wow on speed…
Although i won’t be getting any mmorpg anymore in the future…
The best mmo i played was planetside, because it wasn’t based all around lvling… You had to have a little aiming skill and use a bit of tactics. And it defently can be the best mmo game out there when you are in a large fight…

Currently i’m playing The Godfather : kinda nice game… but as usual i hate it that they just convert a console game to a pc game without rethinking the controls. Lazy bastards… :slight_smile: