Feedback and perhaps a little assistance

This site is no where near finished - but at this stage i would like some feed back, and a little assistance.

The Problem i have: The animations for this site are loading as a sequence of JPGs, rendered out from my 3D package, and placed on the timeline, one on each frame. The problem is – the FIRST time the animations are played, its quite slow (presumably as the pics are just being loaded into the memory) but on subsequent plays (the animations are reused throughout the site) the playback is fine.

Any ideas how i might get the images to all fully load into the memory at the start of the flash file ---- obvioulsy the “preloader” i’ve got is just for the download, and not for the memory load. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


So you want to preload all the external movies as well?

well, as it is at the moment - the animation is made up of single JPGS, loaded in, and placed one after the other onto the timeline…

i would like a way to load all of the frames into the memory at the start, so the user does not have to play each animation before it is loaded - making the first play of each animation as smooth as the next.

as darkmotion has said, that would be the easiest way i also know;)

sorry, this must be me being silly… could you explain what you suggested again? i’m not sure i understood.

Its ok, problem solved, i think… perhaps not the most professional way of doing it, but if anyone is interested:

i’ve added a movieclip to the first frame of the loaded page, which contains all the frames used in the site… they play sequentially, one after the other, then the move stop(); s on a blank keyframe.

Then, above this layer, i’ve added a ‘mask’ layer, and made the frames’ layer ‘masked’ ----- this mask is tiny and in the top left, so that it reveals NOTHING.

So now, unknown to the user, the frames all load into memory at the very start… problem solved, all the animation is smooth from here on in…

PS: if anyone has a Better way of doing this, then i’d still be interested. :slight_smile: