Feedback for Winter Clothing

Okay, so I’m a Texan in Illinois, where they have proper winter. That is, negative temperatures. Here’s what I’ve been taught so far:

Essentially, a lot of keeping warm is about layers. Start with a base layer like the Capiline 2, something I already have. Next, something like a tee-shirt, although I’m not sure whether this layer is ever left out entirely. Following that, it’s usually some sort of fleece and and a wind-breaker heavy coat, which are combined within a lot of heavy jackets. Is there usually another layer I’m missing?

Besides the arms/chest, a beanie is used, and the hoodie of the jacket if it has one. Shoes like North Face’s Storm Summit are good because they’re not awkwardly big like boots, and they look decent, too.

As for pants, I’m currently somewhat lost. I assume I need something like Capilene 3, but I don’t think I can wear these directly under jeans. Do these replace or combine with normal boxers, too?