Feeding RSS through AS3 (Art Exhibition!)

Hey guys, nice ta meet ya all!

So me and a friend have recently found ourselves as contributers to an upcoming student exhibition at our university.
We have decided to run a project we call “Live Journal”; the idea is that it takes a large group of blogs and online journals and reformats the content into an old fashion letter/journal before projecting them for the viewer (and updating every 10 or so seconds). My friend is organizing the space and presentation and i’m stuck with all that lovely coding!

So, after looking at quartz composer and processing I decided flash would be the best way to tackle this, as it’s the only program I have any experience in. I’m still fairly basic with AS3 but I’m a fairly fast learner.

Okay, so my question is what are the best resources to be investigating for using RSS in flash. where exactly do I begin? how would you, oh flash wizards, go about this?

Oh, and substantial contributers will be credited in the project of course :3

Thanks for your time!