http://fernandonieto.free.fr/ nice site, but they need to get a domain :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice 3D work… but the music… really got me running out of there.

That guy is too talented and has too pretty of a site for that domain name and hosting.

I emailed him and offered free hosting.

That’s really nice of you Ethan :slight_smile:

http://fernandonieto.online.fr/ redirects to the same page… (hehe I know Im using ‘free.fr’ too. Which is a great host; despite its name)

edit: ethan if you want a french translator, I can do it, or Ilyas or _Pomme or eyez…

re-edit: his gallery is amazing: http://fernandonieto.free.fr/gallery/

i reallllly like that guy’s paintings! The old men hanging upside down were really my favorites. Hes got a great style. and T-0, thats sad, the music was practically my favorite part! it went well with the old fashioned TV in the animations section. Oh well, we all dont have the same tastes, right? :smiley:

that was refreshing…very goood sh!t