Fetching Sajax php page using Ajax? Please Help

Hello all,

I’m a novice when it comes to using Sajax, Ajax, and PHP. I’m in the process of completing a web site that consists of Sajax, Ajax , and PHP, however I’ve ran into a slight problem. What I am trying to achieve is have Ajax or Sajax fetch a Sajax graffiti wall from an external php page I developed (wall.php), once Ajax or Sajax fetches wall.php I would like to have the fetch page (wall.php) placed in a CSS Div “#galleryLYR”. Please visit :

http://artectodesignstudios.com/artecto/index.php , you should see a graffiti sign, if you click the sign you’ll see that Ajax is fetching wall.php and placing it in the CSS Div #galleryLYR but the graffiti wall posts/comments are not being fetched.

http://artectodesignstudios.com/artecto/wall.php <-- this is the page I’m trying to fetch. If you visit this page you’ll see that the graffiti wall is working correctly.

Please help!