Few Questions

Hi, I’m new to flash and I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to make a horizontal page scrollbar like this one http://flashden.net/files/14545/index.html and also how to make an image transition like this one http://www.templatehelp.com/aff/preview.php?aff=extremetemplates&skin=29&locale=en&currency=0&pr=yes&src=yes&nt=yes&help=yes&sample=yes&faq=yes&nmg=yes&auth=yes&down=yes&chm=&hide_flash=0&search=&PHPSESSID=749b43b9102e023b80976673947e5038&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.extremetemplates.com%2Fsearch.html&i=11627

For the image transition I want it like the link I posted where you can click to change the image or it’ll automatically change within a certain period of time.

Edit: NVM I figured out how to do the horizontal scroll … if anyone can help me with the image transition though I’d greatly appreciate that.