Fighter Planes

Okay… Electron Geek and Morse wanted me to post the attachment here so you guys could see my current “game” in developement for the flash battle…

Bear in mind I thought this was going to only be a flash drawing battle… Which is why it was designed in flash…

Here it is… And it shows off the four add-on weapons you can have…

nice nice… Cant wait for dis game man!

just like last time you showed me i am still amazed! i cant wait to play this never mind see it!

wow - i am pumped to try it out!!!

The bigger the explosion the better is what I always say :slight_smile:

:scream: :scream:

Well… Here it is… Here is a playable version… Not really… Just move your mouse and click to shoot right now…

Also… You can change between the spreader gun and the standard by hitting 1 or 0.

Have fun :slight_smile:

hot! lookin forward to the game.

woohoo i won. lol

its looking really good:A+:

You hear that Marlin? Alex won, you gotta make it harder than that!! :scream:

wow! that IS smooth! good job!

Geez electron you love tough games eh?

■■■■… And here I thought I made it impossible to win… Oh well…

Back to the drawing board…


btw… I’m gonna put a special mode called Electron Arcade… Where EG can get his butt stomped in udner 5 seconds :slight_smile: lol


lol. i didnt win. there was nothing to beat. but it seems like it will turn out to be a really cool game:P

woohooo!! now that’s what I’m talkin about, bring it on!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay everyone… here is the latest build version…

3 addon weapons now…


0 - Standard
1 - Spreader
2 - Machine Gun
3 - The Big Gun

Don’t have the laser done yet… But it’ll be done shortly… have fun everyone… Soon I’ll be adding the enemies and everything.

I also added shotTimers so it would look right… Tell me if you think they look better like that or not…

And Please… Tell me if it isn’t smooth on your computer…

Thanks, Peace

That is awesome Marlin, I likes! =) It runs pretty smooth on my computer.



I don’t think people have seen that this has a new file on it or they would check it out…


“If you build it… You better hope they come…”


Looks great. runs smooth on my computer too. :slight_smile:

Yea thats cool… Smooth… But I liked it better when I could hold down the button and shoot a big long string.

I might throw the option of holding down the mouse button instead of clicking in there… Not sure yet though… :slight_smile:

If it’s something you guys would care for… Sure I’ll throw it up really quickly… It isn’ that hard to implement.