File size limits

I create Flash applications that are used as courtroom exhibits and I usually publish to an .exe file. There are large numbers of jpegs etc embedded, so file size is not an issue.

However I just finished one project whose .fla file topped out at 225mb, and the .exe file I published is about 80mb.

I use Flash CS4 on a Dell pc at the office, but the file started getting crashy once it hit about 150mb. Fortunately I was able to open it up and work just fine on my Mac at home, working in CS3. No problems to speak of, and I was also able to publish the .exe on the Mac.

Now I’m trying to find out what I can about file size limits in Flash for future reference. I’ll be downloading the free trial version of CS4 on the Mac to test that. I’ve already installed the 10.0.2 update for the pc, and while I am able to open the 225mb file, it crashes when I try to publish or even test the movie.

Any information or input on this would be welcome.

PC specs: Dell Precision 670, Intel Xeon CPU 2.80Ghz, 2Gb ram, WindowsXP Service Pack 2, Nvidia Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI