File Summary

When you Right Click on a file and see the tab that says summary how do you set those values? Or read them via PHP? Or is that even possible.

(I have attached a screen shot of the panel I am talking about)

Just to let you know about why I want this…so if there is another way of achieving this help PLEASE!

I want to be able to upload files on a local network, to my central office server. But I want the person who added the file to leave a signature of why they added the file, and blah, blah, blah. But I don’t want to make a text file, to do it. I want it permanately attached to the file. So I noticed there was a comments section on the file properties menu, and I want to edit that. So if someone could tell me how that would rock. Thanks again.


Another question I guess is can Apache even access these file attributes…? Are these standard that every file have attributes or is this something that is only found in Windows OS’s?

i am not sure but i like your background

Not sure if it’s possible to do. I recently did something similar, set up a mySQL database to keep track of who uploaded, why, and the title of the file.

Of course this won’t set those values, but it’s an option(which you probably already know :lol: )

Well digital perhaps you might disclose some info to me about your database…does it keep track of file locations as well so that another PHP script later could find those file that were uploaded? I have thought about this option but I don’t really have a plan for execution…so maybe you could divulge the setup of your database?

blakeky3 I got the wallpaper off of this forum.

if you have the GD library installed (PHP) Im pretty sure you can get that - or at least some version of that kind of information. I think it only works for jpegs and tiffs though. Im sure a search will tell you just what it is. :wink:

Well i am glad it works for picture files cause that is what I want to be uploading. Thanks alot Sen…how do you know all this stuff?


I have a direct feed from the kirupa mainframe plugged in behind my left ear :smiley:

It’s a real simple set up actually. Here’s what it does:

I have my form which asks the user to fill out some stuff that I used later. Firstly it has an upload file field that of course let’s the user upload a file from their local pc. They also have the option of giving the file(in my case pdf file), a title and desciption.

The file gets uploaded to the uploads directory. The title, description, and file name all get stored in the database.

When the end users logs into their page, all the pdf file’s, title’s and description’s are listed. The title is a link to the pdf file(remember we stored file name in the db).

And that’s it really, I’d be happy to post some code, I would give you the zip with all the files but it’s for a client. But if your still confused repost and I’ll see what I can post to help.

Also it’s not as big as an app as you may think. 1 database table, 1 html form, and 1 php page.

I want to explore both of these options to see what will be the best fit for my site…

Digital do you also include the path to that file with in the database, and always access the database first to locate everything when another user wants to view what the other co-workers have added.

Also to Sen: I have looked up the GD library and I am not seeing anything about file titles and comments. But there are some neat features to look at at anyrate. I guess what I was wondering Sen is do you know specifically where I can read about these file attributes? I tried codewalkers, phpbuilder, and phpfreaks, and nothing there elude to the things you were talking about.


This looks like a good place to start…

Another one…

PS> senocular is not really a human, you know… :hr:

Ok guys I am trying to install mySQL on my local computer (which I have never done) before screwing up the office server :wink: But when I try connecting in for the first time I am having some real troubles…it keeps telling me I cannot connect from the localhost, what does this mean? I have to edit from another computer? If someone could point me towards a step on step tut for setting up a mySQL database.

(BTW I have Apache2 & PHP 5.0.0 already installed up & running, I want to interact with mySQL) HELP!!!