Filename to array

anyone can advice how i can dynamically read all the filenames in a directory and put them into an array. thank you for you help.

You’ll need PHP.
Generate a string with all the filenames in php (don’t really know how, but it shouldn’t be too hard…).
the output should look something like this.
then use loadvars in flash to get the values in your movie

that’s all I know (and I know it’s not much)…

well you could edit the text file ur self…posibly put a variable at the start defining the length and then just use load vars to load it up onto the array

To load it up u would have like a for next loop going

myArray* = eval("var"+1);

And yeah that would load it up.

And with that u could still have ur php script setting the text file…just have the first var something like varNumber increment every time you add an entry and stuff like that… :slight_smile: