Hmmm… What now? Dan, it’s your idea! Drive us, man!

pom :asian:

I was in California for like 11 days so I haven’t been able to input for a while! Well I am sure I could buy a domain and all I would need help for is maybe little donations to help to pay for the hosting (unless we can find someone that can get us hosted, like a sponsor)! sounds cool but we need to take a final vote on the top four choices! I don’t want to be left in the dust if no one is planning on helping to pay on the hosting so I need replies back if anyone is willing to donate a little or find us someone to sponsor us with maybe a site made for them in return!

No problem, Dan, I’ll be glad to donate some money. The only trouble is how…

pom :asian:

Hey Dan,
I’ll pay for the domain. I’ll mail you a check for the domain once you have it registered :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa :bandit:

That sounds great…I have a credit card so its really easy to buy domains and do web hosting payments on it. And kirupa you know what sounds like a good idea…on your main title page for put up a news banner or just a link to a pop-up screen that will ask if any one that works for a web hosting company if they will sponsor us for free hosting if me (and whoever wants to help) makes them an intro or whatever they want for their site. I am sure you get at least a few people that work for a web hosting company! It would be great because all we would have to pay for is a domain and I could pay for that if thats all I have to pay for and no one would have to worry about paying for anything! I can get more into depth into it later if you like the idea…so reply back soon kirupa or any of the mods involved in the team!

Hey Dan,
I’ll consider that, but I found that e-mailing these companies directly works best. Try e-mailing some of these hosts, and I am sure they’ll be more than willing to give you free hosting as long as you put a banner of their hosting on their site (similar to what mediatemple does).

Kirupa :rambo:

Sounds good…I want to first find a host that has a nice backoffice interface for mySQL. I would prefer an NT over Linux but I’m not too picky! We also need about 10 e-mail accounts and multiple FTP accounts. PHP of course…there may be things I am forgetting but those are the main ones I could think of, if anyone knows any web hosts like that could you please post a link! is good :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I think we need to find a stripper to pop out of the cake for when we have our web site starting party…I tried to book Jubba but he has a pretty tight schedule but I think me and rengirl agree with Jessica Alba!

Oh my God!! Dan, that footer is no appropriate word
How did you do that? Ca déchire complètement!!!

pom :asian:

3D Studio Max R4.2

I never knew animation until I bought coughbullshitcough it lol!

dan, no speak of piracy here, you bad bad boy. wink**wink
anyway, who’s gonna actually be working with this site. can we get a list or something and talents, or at least “stuff we each can do”.

I’m definitely in. My talents? Simple:

  • I’m a pathetic designer
  • I’ve never done a complete website in Flash
  • I’m quite successful at accidental scripting though

pom :asian:

i’m pretty much the same as pom there. i’m in.

What do i have to do? the Dishes or i could do some vacuuming? :slight_smile:
No. serious we can decided who’s gonna do what… but Dan what exactly is going to be made? Noah’s Arc? another Eifeltower? an Anti terrorist Weapon?

Lol Dan, I just saw that. Yeah sorry man, my schedule is just too tight for any cake-popping-out events. Maybe for the release of your first work.


If you can get Jessica Alba to pop out of a cake I will be your creative lackey for life!

That would be some crazy ISH to throw a site party and have Jessica Alba jump out of a cake!

I’m in for sponsorship if I can advertise (unless there’d be a conflict of interest). I could also help in some way if needed.

Let me know!