Film grain for MX?

hey, i looked at the pretty cool flash MX2004 “grain effect” or something like that, can anybody help me adjusting this to MX? please???

you don’t have to adjust it for mx, it contains no code, so no problem :slight_smile:

well, its odd cause when i downloaded the demo FLA file and tried to run it, it said “unexpected file format”, could it be that it was made in MX2004 and i use MX?

yeup thats the problem.

oh for the fla, ok ! that’s normal, i don’t have mx2004 here, but i have it at work, i can convert it tomorrow for you or maybe someone will see it and give it to you :slight_smile:

Here you go;)
[size=1] Cheers, Ubik:)[/size]


fine :slight_smile:
hello scotty !:slight_smile:

scotty, mostly appreciated, keep doing good stuff for people, like i will when i learn this sucka!!!

no problem:thumb: