Filtering in E4X XML in Actionscript 3 is broke?

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone explain why this works:

xml..event.(eventID == 1) //No Errors

But this doesn’t?:

xml..event.(event_location == "Rome") //ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable event_location is not defined.

Uhm, hello Actionscript, event_location isn’t a variable! Therefore I shouldn’t have to define it. Its an xml element. Also I quadruple checked that those elements DO exist. I am an otherwise AS3 XML expert, so I thought.

So just for testing purposes, to prove that both eventID and event_location are actual XML elements:

trace(xml..event[0].eventID) //traces 1
trace(xml..event[0].event_location) //traces Brisbane

Also here is what one of the many event XML elements looks like:

     <QF_start_date>Jan 2</QF_start_date>
     <MD_start_date>Jan 4</MD_start_date>
     <MD_end_date>Jan 10</MD_end_date>
     <acclimation>Heat/Humidity, Jetlag</acclimation>