Filters not working!

First, I would like to thanks! Kirupa tutorials save my time a lot!
Sorry about my bad English. Let´s try:

I create 15 thumbnails using PNG files with transparency as materials for Object 3D Planes (Away3D), disposed like a spiral of thumbs. For each one, I applied a Blur Filter. It works well. Take a look:

var blur_f:Number = 3;
var filtroblur:Array = new Array();
filtroblur.push(new BlurFilter(blur_f,blur_f,3));

Then, in a “FOR” loop:

objeto_camisa[i+1].filters = filtroblur;

No problems. So, when I click on a right arrow, the thumbs rotate and another thumb goes to front. It receives another filter: a glowfilter:

**var filtroglow:Array = new Array();
filtroglow.push(new GlowFilter(0xFFFFAA, 1, estagio_rotacao, estagio_rotacao, 2, 1, false, false));
objeto_camisa[camisa_posicao].filters = filtroglow;
I used another index var (camisa_posicao), but is the same Array (objeto_camisa). It works well too!

Now, my problem: the previous thumbnail needs to return to Blur filter. Look:

var filtroblur2:Array = new Array();
filtroblur2.push(new BlurFilter(blur_f,blur_f,3));
objeto_camisa[camisa_posicao - 1].filters = filtroblur2;

I create a new array filtroblur2, but I could use the same filtroblur array from before. When I trace objeto_camisa[camisa_posicao - 1].filters, it returns [object BlurFilter]. But the thumbs don´t change. There is no Blur effect on the previous thumb. Why?

I really don´t know what´s wrong. Please help me!
Thanks for your time. I hope this thread is useful for others.