Final Fantasy : Rise Of The Magiteks

Alright this is actually coming. The work is underway for a flash remake of Final Fantasy. It is ENTIRELEY sprite free you will all be glad to know. So Flamin Noraa is looking for eager Flash animators or Actionscripters to make a contribution.

Currently there are a few open jobs. If you want to help just leave a post explaining your best skills in flash or actionscript. Why not join. I’m not asking for a massive contribution.

All the moves will be 20 frames long so if you want to design one then go ahead. Just remember to save it as a flash file 20 frames long and 12 frames per second.

Other jobs are available including scripters for all areas. We are capable of doing them but it’s always good to have a team eh.

Email contributions to [email protected]

Thanks to you all , Flamin Noraa