Finally Done

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve been hanging around the forum where you ask alot of questions, thank god I’ve ended up here :slight_smile:

This is my page:

On the page I have a survey where you can vote about the page. That feedback would very much be appreciated

//m3rcc signing off

I can’t see a darn thing on that page… Maybe is it because I use NS ??

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hmm. site is neat. (neat is good) can’t realy tell you much since there’s not much to look at…
you say finally done… meaning… the whole site’s done?.. that’s it?.. you should add some content to it…
and also … label your buttons… or have a rollover text stating what button the user is pressing…

some graphics to the site will be nice… =P

ewww netscape…

Pretty nordic site :slight_smile:
I saw it on IE, because my beloved NN didn’t seem to like it too much.

The design looks really professional, but @#%$ !! There’s nothing on that site ! You even gave me false hopes, saying that there was a tutorial on how to make a site like yours !!

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Thanks for the constructive critisism. Will bare som stuff in mind.

After I’d been working alot with the page in the beginning, I lost motivation the further I came… :/. There should’ve been more tutorials, but I just don’t have the strength. One question on the survey is actually about that, would be kind if someone voted though.


I did.

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you should state on your survey which number represents what… erf