Find out which display object is hitting the other

I have a horizontal slider which slides images. When one of the images is in the middle of the stage I want to be able to show text related to that image. At the minute it shows all the text but thats not right.

What Ive got is a way to find out if one image is hitting the middle point.
[AS]trace("0 "+_imageHolder.getChildByName(“0”).hitTestPoint(390, 120));
trace("1 "+_imageHolder.getChildByName(“1”).hitTestPoint(390, 120));
trace("2 "+_imageHolder.getChildByName(“2”).hitTestPoint(390, 120));
trace("3 "+_imageHolder.getChildByName(“3”).hitTestPoint(390, 120));
trace("4 "+_imageHolder.getChildByName(“4”).hitTestPoint(390, 120));
But what I want is the opposite, i want to find out which image is hitting the middle point.

Is there a way of doing this?