Finding all references to an object - Possible? [and more]

*** Is it possible to create weak references to objects (like the EventListener/EventDispatcher is able to do) so that if they are removed, you won’t be stuck keeping a reference and taking up space to something that should be garbage collected?**

  • Is there any way to find out how many active variables are referencing a certain object? **This would be handy to actually create weak references, since, if you for example, have a static array containing all objects created in that class, you can do a regular check to see if there is only one remaining reference, and if so, you can safely remove it.

*** Also, might there be any way to list the entire space (one big chunk of binary data, most likely) of every variable currently running in the program, all references, basically, what Flash is currently storing in RAM?**

I’m pretty sure that Flash (as crappy and lacking as it is in so many areas) does not have anything like any of these built in, but hopefully there is at least something. Perhaps it might be accessible in a child loaded SWF or something?