FireWire Stuff

I know this probably isnt the best place for this on the forum, but its the best place i found. k heres my problem. when ever i plug my video camera into my computer, it takes forever for anything to work. when i want to capture something… wow thats an adventure (like not just long because im impatient. it takes like 5 minutes, to bring any program up!) my buddy says that it might be that my computer is trying to recognize all three ports, and is freakin out. im not sure. ive tried it in every editing program i have. (including windows movie maker :stuck_out_tongue: )
anyway. im just wondering, if there is problem that i can fix, or is it just my computer.
my specs:
3 Ghz
1 gig ram
80 gig harddrive
GeForce 5x 5200 128 mb :frowning:
might be the video card, but who knows i mean, ive done editing on my friends computers, and have never had this trouble. and there specs are brutal. :h:
Thanks all!!