Fireworks & flash workflow tips please :)


I am building a site and the layout has been developed inside illustator and quark, and all the graphics suplied are massive at least a good 10mb per image due to being supplied via a print designer.

So i’m having to do a bit of scaling and compressing of the images so the .fla isn’t a crazy size.

What would be best workflow to get this done as quickly as possible?
Everything has been resized inside illustrator ready for transfering to flash to be all link up.

In my experience Fireworks is a program that sits really well with dreamweaver but the intergration of the two doesn’t seem so apperant in flash?

Am I better off checking the scale in illustator then just doing them one after another in photoshop or is there an easier way in fireworks to flash and back again???

Any tips warmly welcomed as help now could save me a lot of time down the road and offer me a much cleaner result…