First Flash Site

Hello. Im making a flash site and before I go on, I would like to get comments, suggestions and criticizms about the site (what’s done anyway). This is the first flash site that I’m going to publish. Im a newbie. And I admit that a lot in my site are inspired by some sites that were posted here and other sites that I just came upon. And has helped me a lot with their tutorials.\r\rThe links that are working are the profiles section and the arts and designs section. Both of the pages are still under heavy construction. I would welcome any opinion, violent reactions and criticizms. \r\rthe address is…itial.html\r\rMany thanx!\r

Wow - that’s very impressive if this really is your first try :stuck_out_tongue: \r\rIt’s a pretty good start, I’m sure it’ll get better as you go along. The inter-secton tweens take a bit too long, but it’s not too bad. The interface is user-friendly, a big plus IMO.

WOW! this is really your first site? i cannot belive it! it is amazing. how long did it take you? check out my first site…really a beginners site…one other thing, do i upload both the html and the .swf file as well?\r\\r\rBTW, what does IMO mean?\r\r:smokin: scott

in my opinion

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: \r\rpom 0]

Thanx for the support.Your site fits to the category need and I dont think it’s bad.I think everyone starts somewhere (like me).What I do is look at the cool sites and get inspiration from it.\r\rAs I said, Im a newbie with flash.So Im really not fit to give advices.What I did was placed all the .swf’s and the opening html of the first .swf in one directory. Thanx again and more power.

Thanx for the support to those who commented the test site.I think I am now confident to continue it.I hope to someday I can be as good as all of you.\r\rI’ll probably ask for another comment when some pages are up or when the site is done before publishing it.\rThanx again and more power.